Family Story: Lucas

When Lucas began therapy sessions at the Masonic Children’s Clinic at age three, he only used vowel sounds to communicate. It took people weeks to gain Lucas’s trust, and even then, he would only whisper or mouth words when he spoke.

Over the past year, Lucas’ speech and language have changed dramatically. He is now speaking an average of four-to-eight- word sentences with people with whom he feels comfortable. His ability to be understood by others has improved significantly. Lucas has gained confidence in his speech, allowing him to retell events in his life, create simple fictional stories, and describe his play. Now that his confidence with language has grown, Lucas is working on specific sounds to help others understand his words even more.

In therapy sessions, Lucas is open to trying any activity or game. He loves to play board games and will spend full sessions playing only one game and practicing his speech sounds. He loves to make crafts, play pretend with trains, or cook something special in the kitchen. Lucas loves to laugh at his speech pathologist and his parents when they try to do an extra silly activity, like sledding inside.

Lucas’s parents do more than just come to every therapy session. They also participate in every activity, ask questions about how to help Lucas at home, learn about techniques they can use themselves, and provide the best environment for Lucas to continue to learn and grow. They work with Lucas at home on his speech sounds during the week and motivate him to always do his best.